Oh college.

Sitting in Morton Hall editing a final assignment for my sociology class, I was definitely having a grumpy Saturday evening, especially after I realized I hadn’t eaten dinner yet and the dining halls were closing.  I decided a little grocery shopping might cheer me up and solve my hunger, and on a whim I invited my friend Jeewon to join.  Jeewon was actually just on her way back from the grocery store, but was willing to return and keep me company.

As we pulled into the parking lot we noticed a Chinese delivery place, and both our stomachs decided that’s what we wanted for dinner. After doing a little grocery shopping (Cherry 7-Up and cheese crackers are the best study food) we picked up our Chinese take-out and headed back to her apartment.

After dinner, we suddenly decided that a game of Pictionary with our friend Kat would be a perfect post-food treat and proceeded to play.  Best Pictionary TWAMP (typical William and Mary person) moment of the game was definitely Kat and I trying to remember the word “keystone”–you know, that block that goes at the top of the arch–when Jeewon had obviously drawn a croissant.

As I sat in my room later that evening, again working on a sociology assignment, I received a visit from my friend Michael. We quickly headed outside, however, as the SNOW began to fall.  Mostly we wandered around campus, running into other friends enjoying the inclement weather and throwing snowballs at each other (I definitely won the battle!).

While my Saturday evening started out in a funk, it became one of my wonderful random college memories. Only at college would a friend go to the grocery store twice in a row just because, a spontaneous Chinese food dinner turn into an epic game of pictionary, and a snowy campus provide the perfect environment for a fun adventure.

Much of my Senior year has been about saying yes to the big events, making sure I fit in as many traditions as possible, but what William and Mary continually reminds me is that the random moments with friends are really one of the greatest gifts of college.

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