October is by far the best month of the school year

I’ve been going to W&M for three years now and I have learned one thing for sure. October is always the best month of the entire year. Let me tell you a bit about what I’ve done so far and what’s in the mix for the rest of the month.

The first weekend of this month was Family Weekend, which was awesome. My housemate’s parents came into town, so needless to say I was eating well. It’s always fun when parents take you out to a nice meal. No more beans and rice and crackers for me. That same weekend my a cappella group’s brand new CD came out– The Stairwells “The Adventures Of…” You can listen to some tracks from it on our Myspace. We bought 250 CDs and sold almost all of them in the first weekend. I’m so proud of my boyos!

The following weekend was Fall Break. While everyone else at W&M goes home to relax with their families, eat nice meals, and prepare for some midterms, I was on Fall Tour with the Stairwells. This year, we were hosted by the UNC Loreleis and JubiLee from W&L, both all-girls a capella groups. Check em out– they’re incredible. Basically, my weekend was an exhausting but totally rewarding and incredible time where we make new friends and strengthen old ones. I slept on the floor most nights with everyone else, but one night I got to have a couch, so I’m not complaining.

This week was another great one. Sororities hold “clue weeks,” where the new girls are sent on days-long scavenger hunts to figure out who their “big” is. Don’t worry, they make time for class. This week was clue week for a few sororities, so I got to do tie dye, get some free meals, play music, and hang out with some new freshman girls, all of whom were really cool. Clue weeks also mean the Stairwells are swamped with shows. It’s a great chance for us to make a couple of bucks and sing for girls. Doesn’t get much better! Pi Phi Phield Day was yesterday. During the early afternoon, I got to see all my friends and play fun field day-esque games. I’m still a bit sore. I guess I should start exercising more regularly.

Next week– HOMECOMING. I’m so excited to see all of my friends come back to Williamsburg– some are even coming from as far as California to make their triumphant return to W&M (you know who you are!)  AND THEN Halloween is the next weekend?? Jeez, I’m lucky.

What’s your favorite part of October at W&M? Post a comment below!

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