Welcome Freshmen

As the summer comes to a close, I am very eager to enter my senior year. Tomorrow this time, our campus will be filled with our incoming freshmen class. It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since my freshmen move-in day.  What I do remember is the range of emotion that I exhibited during the transition. As an only child, I remembered being home sick but yet I was so excited to meet new people. Freshmen year is filled with a lot of cool and unique experiences. W&M is exceptional in that we bring all of our freshmen in at the same time for orientation right before school starts.  Our OAs and RAs do a phenomenal job at helping students to transition during orientation.  I remember one of my favorite experiences was the derided freshmen hall mixers. At first it feels like they are forcing you to meet people then when you happen to have class with some of those individuals you have instant friends.

I am looking forward to my LAST opening convocation as a W&M student. It still boggles my mind how fast college has gone by. In less than a week, I will be entering my LAST fall semester here at the college. I am extremely excited for my fall semester classes and hope my spring semester will be even more exciting.  One of my goals for senior year is to venture out into Colonial Williamsburg a little more and have more fun. As a science major, most of my time is spent in the walls of Swem but I am determined to add a little more spice this year.

I would like to officially welcome the class of 2013 to W&M and I hope they enjoy freshmen year and more specifically freshmen orientation. See ya at opening convocation! GO TRIBE!!!

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