The King of Pop

I was extremely sad to hear about Michael Jackson’s death last night. As I reflect over my childhood, I can remember listening and singing along to his music. As a dancer, I respected his style and creativity the most! At my first dance recital at age 5, I can remember tap dancing to smooth criminal. For homecoming my senior year in high school, my dance team did Thriller and it was AMAZING!!! Studying Michael’s dance steps is not an easy task, but performing them are soooo much fun! MJ in my opinion is one of the greatest icons music will ever have. His music is universal!

I remember visiting Europe about five years ago and hearing MJ all over the radio. People all over the world loved MJ because he defined ingenuity when it came to music. ┬áThere hasn’t been another music artist in my lifetime that’s reached the heights as Michael. From his early days with the Jackson Five to his solo career, Michael Jackson’s music flooded ALL music charts.

The king of pop will live on for generations to come!

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