Life is Good

I know many of you may often feel loss, as I know I do most of the time. And when it comes down to understanding why something happens, or why we cannot control nor contain situations, we end up overexerting ourselves. I know I do.  But it’s exhausting. And while it’s easier to offer my thoughts on this than it is to take a dose of my own medicine, I wanted to remind you all to embrace that life is good.

When push comes to shove, we can end up leading ourselves astray. We may get lost in our initial response/reaction to an event. But it’s important to always be willing to shift perspectives. Be free, and allow yourself to shift gears. Perhaps you’re moving at 90 mph when you should be going 55 mph. Or, you’re adding less spices and herbs for fear of overpowering your dinner. What you must do is learn to reevaluate. Widen your view and accept that what you experience is part of something much bigger. We may not understand it now, but when we do, it will be worth the wait.

After all, we each have to try many different combinations before we can open our own lock to our locker of life. Remember, it’s okay to pick the wrong combination of numbers beforehand. As long as we’re willing to reassess and rearrange, we’ll be set for whatever lies ahead. We’re the W&M Tribe; I’m pretty sure it’s in our blood to succeed—no matter how difficult the struggle.

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