Last Class Registration Ever = Weird.

Lauren already wrote about this earlier (yes, I stalk the other bloggers’ blogs…sometimes…), but it’s true. It’s almost pathetic how exciting it is to get to register for classes on this campus. Well, we seniors registered this afternoon. You spend hours browsing the course catalog on Banner, flipping through pages and pages of and asking your friends about what classes and professors they’ve taken already, and then in the span of about 8 seconds, registration is over, and you’re left staring at a computer screen listing your new classes. Yeah, it’s a little bit anticlimactic.

But then you remember how AWESOME your spring semester of senior year schedule is, and everything’s okay again. 🙂

I’m taking 2 Econ classes to finish up my major. Both sound really interesting, and neither is before 11 a.m. Woohoo!

I’m taking a class with my roommate (cute, I know), and it’s called Philosophic History of American Environmentalism. When you look past the big mouthful of words, it actually sounds really cool, right?! said it was a great class and “changed the way people thought,” so I’m optimistic. I’m also going to take it Pass/Fail. So, I’m even more optimistic haha.

I’m also taking Fundamentals of Oral Communcation. Two credits. Heard it’s fairly easy and pretty interesting. Sold.

And lastly, ADVENTURE GAMES! And Beth is in my class too! It’s the class everyone says you have to take before you graduate, and I’ve heard that you get to rock-climb, rappel down the side of the parking garage and zipline across the lake, just to name a few things. I’m so excited!

I’ve never had a semester (that is hopefully) this easy and stress-free. I’ve also never had a semester where I start classes so late and finish them so early. THIS. IS AWESOME. I don’t feel guilty at all either; I deserve a break from semesters where I take FOUR Econ classes at the same time (Fall 2007…eek).

It’s a tiny bit sad that I’ll never register again, never spend weeks creating possible class schedule combinations in my head, but it’s A LOT more exciting to think about Spring Semester ’09!

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