The Town

Colonial Williamsburg is a great place. It’s a minute’s walk from my dorm, and my friends and I love to go there on saturdays for the Farmer’s Market and on other days to visit all the attractions that are free for W&M students. I like to brag that I can roll out of bed and visit a palace. The governor’s palace has a hedge maze in the back and a beautiful lake, and a wall with doors that look like they lead to Narnia!

I like to take people who visit me to the Cheese Shop for lunch because it is wonderful and you can buy a huge bag of delicious bread ends for a dollar. Then there’s the peanut shop with free samples of everything and Mermaid books, the cutest used books / antiques shop around!

I also love to show off the Wren building, which is the oldest academic building still in use in the States! It was used as a hospital in the Civil and Revolutionary Wars and consists of two wings: the Great Hall and the chapel. A cappella concerts are sometimes held in these two wings, which both have incredible acoustics. In the chapel is also a 400 year old manual organ donated by a duke, which I, as an organ student at William and Mary, have played on! The classrooms in the middle section of Wren are still in use, and one of my classes last semester was held there. Christian Origins was a great class: the classroom had a fireplace for cold days, and on nice days, we had class outside on the Wren portico, and our teacher morphed into Jonathan Edwards each time a tour group walked by.

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