Williamsburg Rain

The other day, after what seemed like a week-long rainstorm, a friend turned to me and said, “you know, Williamsburg always seems prettier after it rains.” I looked around. He was right. The trees were greener than they ever were and even the pavement seemed to sparkle. This magnificent beauty was our reward after the miserable, wet, and gloomy days we spent waiting out the storm.

I think this works as a sound metaphor for what this semester has felt like. Undoubtedly, every semester has its hard weeks: finals, midterms, sickness, or complete and utter lack of motivation. You name it, we have all been there. All of this stress can make you forget about the wonderful place that surrounds you. But, after exiting the haze of exhaustion from taking three consecutive finals, you begin to see the vibrant green leaves again. Somehow, just like the rain brings out campus’ beauty, the bad weeks at school bring out the good. You don’t look back and remember the long nights and computer malfunctions, you remember a friend who brought you a smoothie to wish you luck on your next final and the long afternoon study breaks on the Sunken Garden. You remember how proud you are to be part of William & Mary’s history and how much more your degree will mean to you after every frantic night at Swem. During these stormy weeks all you can see is gray sky from the third floor of Swem, but afterwards the most miniscule and joyful details are the only ones that remain in your memory.

To the Class of 2014, you have suffered these storms, and although you may be a bit damp, you can now look back and see those little moments that made your experience here special. Congrats and see you at homecoming!

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