The new task force is being established to help foster and develop traditions and a uniquely “William and Mary Culture” on campus and beyond! We’re incredibly excited to get the ball rolling in the fall – below is a giant list of broad brainstorms we’ve thought of so far. If you have any suggestions email me!

Hark Upon the Gale!

—Potential Initiatives—

* Bring back “Spring Finals Weekend”

o Concert the night after K&Q, keep it classy

o Hire out a display

o Fireworks(?!)

o Chinese Lanterns on old campus/nice food

* Charter day

o Bigger Concert

o Dining Hall participation

o later in the day

o Work hard for a good speaker

o Video Creation for Charter Day Dinner

+ Remind alumni why they love W&M so much, culture and traditions, celebration of William and Mary’s unique place.

o W&M hall

* Opening Convocation

o More intense speakero Program cover can have the Declaration of Independence w/ 16 signatories  bolded. “Welcome to William and Mary”. As you walk into the admissions office have this be very large against the back wall and say – “Bless the College of our fathers, never let her die”. “Loved of old”

* Yule Log

o White lights in the trees

o Work with Mortar Board

o Faculty/Staff child to read the Yule log prayer

* King and queens

o Making this one of the biggest social events of the spring

o President and Mrs. Reveley start the dance in the middle

* Homecoming

o Luminaries & the Alma Mater

o Sunset Ceremony – heavy alumni involvement, current students, administrators

o make it an Honor to lead campus in the Alma Mater – selection process each year

o Parade Revitalization (?)

o Traditional dress (sundresses and shirts/ties) at homecoming game

* Wren Ten

o W&M official scarf at every one

o Cider or coffee at Wren Tens

o Wren Ten mug with a cipher on it!! Or with a cipher something on it

o Different student organization sponsor it every week and provide cider

* Football Games- undergrads sing alma mater to alums

* Work to build up Last Lecture & Raft Debate

o make it bigger!

* TJ Garden

o something there to reflect Blair side, and to look pretty

o Put in a student bid for the architecture design

o Open it to alums as well

* TWAMP/Random Facts about W&M Flyers on campus

o Akin to the Sevens or 13s

o Did you know ….? ex: In the early 1770s, plans were drawn up to complete the  building as a quadrangle. Alumnus Thomas Jefferson (class of 1762) drew up a floor plan submitted to Governor Dunmore and foundations were laid in 1774. The looming War of Independence halted further construction, however, and the fourth wing was never completed. The foundations, however, still exist. It was used as a French Military hospital during the Revolutionary War and by the Confederacy in the Civil War

* Banners for Yule Log* Plaques on Dorms

o Explaining the history of dorm rooms and dorm namesakes

* ALMA MATER – All freshmen must learn as part of orientation

* Terrace Opening Day

o President Reveley and Provost, Rector? Have lunch with students on the terrace, catered (invitation/application for a catered light ‘terrace fare’?)

o Official marking of the opening of the spring terracing season

* New Mascot Celebration- potential for incredible marketing

o Organize with Stackhouse to make a video for the event explaining why that mascot was chosen, what it means to people. Should be very moving. (maybe in Sunken Gardens, set up video screen like for Screen on the Green then turn around and see it come from the Wren?)

o Integral for alumni relations

o * Official William and Mary Scarf

o W&M scarf that all students should have, eventually all entering students should

o Will be worn at campus events in the winter (Wren 10s, Yule Log)

* “What William and Mary Means to Me” quote in Flat Hat each week

* Work with Swem Archives to dig up things on our past

* Wall of Thanks

o Every senior who donates $10 gets a wall of thanks

* Freedom of Speech Wall

o Brick wall behind Taliaferro Hall

* Sadler Center Photo Contest for “What William and Mary Means to Me”

o Have pictures blown up and displayed in SC by Muscarelle Museum-

Ex. ISC Developing World Gallery* Sadler Center Glass Box Display

o Like Swem Special Collections

o Have Ceremonial robes, maces, crests, etc – students want to see these!

* Greek Life/Organizations

o Build up how they have contributed to the school, the oldest system, maybe a memorial area in PBK (unless PBK is being ripped down?)

o Greek organization featured every month– right inside Campus Center

+ Show how they impact campus, the College, their history, etc.

* Taylor Reveleyo Personal thank you notes for people who contribute in some way to our culture/uniqueness. Congrats for achievements, recognitions, little gesture that really shows a big thanks.

* Senior Art Students

o Displays of their work

o Require art students to see them (like with psych experiments)

* Statue Decoration during certain events, times of mourning

o Botetourt holding balloons for example, TJ w/ Pumpkin Head

* Flags- on flag posts, changing with seasons OR every class’s banner on display at homecoming, charter day weekend, etc.

o Where the heck are these flags?

* TWAMPcionaryo Fun facts and jargon necessary to the William and Mary admitted student, makes us seem “fun” and not all academics or depressing.

o Cider, best eats, etc. (can be sponsored by venues we name and advertise!)

o “TWAMPiest Locales”- Crim Dell Bridge, Terrace, Portico

o Here you would include the triathalon, ghost stories, ‘what to pack: theme party’

* Walk of Fame (reinforce where we have alums, how famous/powerful people are)

o Possible path between Terrace & ISC

o Brick Buy-Out or dedication? Seniors who donate? Famous alums?

* Sadler Center Terrace

o New Umbrellas, Green and Gold w/ Cipher?

o New tables? Fixing the chairs at the very least

o Elephant ferns when it opens surrounding it

o Big Planters on the terrace – like at Columbia University

* SC Dining Hall Middle Platform

o Do something with this? Christmas tree during holidays, plants otherwise?


o Revitalize TJ area

o Mini Sunken Garden by Swem?

o Corner of Landrum?

* Honour Code plaques in every classroom again

* Office of Admissions – Wall of Famous Quotes about the College (stylized stencils?)

o Ex. “We are small and shall remain so.”- Nichol

o Their Majesties’ Royall Colledge

o But the unfortunate, yet truly exciting thing about your life, is that there is no core curriculum. The entire place is an elective. The paths are infinite and the results uncertain. And it can be maddening to those that go here, especially here, because your strength has always been achievement. So if there’s any real advice I can give you it’s this. College is something you complete. Life is something you experience. So don’t worry about your grade, or the results or success. Success is defined in myriad ways, and you will find it, and people will no longer be grading you, but it will come from your own internal sense of decency which I imagine, after going through the program here, is quite strong (Jon Stewart Commencement Address)

o Please help me. Because you see, you can be human only together. You can be prosperous only together. You can be safe and secure only together. And I believe in you. (Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu Commencement Address)

* Wren Building

o US and British Flags hanging on Front

* “Back to Basics”

o Archbishop of Canterbury for Charter Day Speaker?

* Perry Ellis

o Line of W&M clothing? Sponsor a Cobblestone Couture fashion week?

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