The Day Before The Big Day

November 18, 2014

I’m a huge fan of this whole “let’s-provide-the-students-with-food” thing the DC Office seems to support from the mountains of pizza on our first day when we took pictures and added Lauren & Roxanne’s numbers to our phones to the tried and true Panera Bread catering of today. It’s that extra touch of “Hey, we’re thinking of you (the individual, your wallet, and your stomach)” that gets you 5 stars on Google, tons of repeat students, and alumni donations. While this session was more serious, as it would be our last before the big day in January, we still had a chance to break into groups and get to know one another. The reoccurring theme I keep noticing from the Urban Education seminar is the focus on getting to know one another by taking the time to talk. Professor Stelljes revealed to us that during our trip we would be teaching a classroom of high school upperclassmen on how to write a good college essay. As is signature with the graduates from our college, many of us empathetically considered the fact that some of the kids may not want to attend college post-graduation and, thus, tailored our lesson plans towards how to successfully market yourself as an individual in the modern world. Our students would have the confidence, know how, and supportive substitute teachers to take on the world of academia or employment or whatsoever their hearts desired.

~ Lynelle Haugabrook

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