King and Queens

If you were walking past the sunken gardens today, you would notice a rather large structure taking up about half of the field that isn’t normally there.  It is finally that exciting time in the year when students de-stress from school work, forget about exams (for the time being), get all dressed up in their favorite dresses and shirts and ties, and head out to the sunken gardens for a night of dancing under a beautiful white tent.  I always know it must be getting close to the end of the year when I see that white tent go up in the sunken gardens.  King and Queens Ball is the perfect event to bring the academic year to a close.  It seems to be perfectly situated in the semester schedule at a time when the weather is beautiful and everyone wants to be outside.  The dance always features a live band, a large dance floor, a cash bar for the 21 and older crowd, and an amazingly good time!

Tonight is the big night this year!  I look forward to this event every year.  I always love seeing all of my friends all dressed up and enjoying an evening together.  It’s most fun to make an entire afternoon and evening of the event.  I know my friends and I always plan a big dinner together and hang out as a group before going over to the actual dance at night.  Maybe it’s that I have such great memories of King and Queen Balls from the past three years, but I already know that tonight will be nothing short of fantastic.

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