Favorite Philanthropy!

One of the great things about the  Greek system is the many philanthropic causes that are represented.  Each sorority or fraternity is associated with a national philanthropy and usually a regional philanthropy as well.  In order to raise money for these causes there are countless events happening on campus year-round.  Ranging from huge soccer games in the sunken gardens, volleyball tournaments in the dark, massive spaghetti dinners for the whole campus, and frisbee competitions…just to name a few.  While all the different events are tons of fun, there is one that stands out from all the rest: Campus Golf!   For one day, the entire campus turns into a huge miniature golf course and students are seen everywhere hitting tennis balls with golf clubs.  (yup, tennis balls, can you imagine how many golf balls we would lose on this campus if we played with those!)  This philanthropy is run by one of our sororities,  Kappa Delta, and the proceeds go to Prevent Child Abuse America and Avalon.  Its the largest philanthropy on our campus and definitely a campus event that students look forward to all year.  Usually students play in teams of four or five at various times throughout the day.  For someone visiting campus, it probably looks like the most bizarre thing ever.  Teams usually dress up in crazy costumes and themes, occasionally cheering and running around after a particularly good shot!

I’m playing for the first time this year!  Somehow,  something came up every year that didn’t allow me to play and as a senior I decided I had to make it happen this year before I graduated.  As of yet, my teammates and I haven’t decided on a costume idea but we still have the rest of day to figure that out!  It’s practically become a tradition on this campus and I can’t wait for my Campus Golf debut tomorrow!

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