Tribe Football and Technological Insufficiencies

So the student bloggers were moved over to the new Cascade content system a while back. Now even though Tina provided all of us detailed instructions with how to post new entries and keep active, somehow I still proved to be inadequate with this technology stuff. Kind of embarassing. Needless to say, I have no idea who is reading the three posts I thought I put up over the past two weeks.

On a more positive note, how about that football game on Saturday? Other than the humidity, I felt like the true essence of the Tribe was palpable in the air. I love home football games. For the past 6 years, my parents have come up with their friends and they tailgate out front. It’s just a great sense of community that I’m sure you find at bigger schools with “better” tailgates, but at the same time, I am almost 100% positive that you can’t walk around the stadium and find all your friends at those big places.

Someone asked me the other day why I was so excited about the home opener this weekend. At first, my answer was a simple, “well it’s called football and it’s fun.” Then I started thinking… football games here are so much more than a display of athletic prowess (well, depends on how well the line holds). Here football games represent the community coming together, celebrating each other and being a part of something larger. Families come together, friends reunite and for a few hours, Swem is only at half capacity. Starting traditions is a hard thing to do around here, but I think we may have seen a good one starting this weekend. I’m not sure how many people noticed, but the gold t-shirts reading “Class of 2012, Tradition Never Graduates” outnumbered the rest of us about 2 to 1. Hopefully these freshmen continue to come out and support the Tribe. I whole heartedly believe that if they embrace gatherings such as these, they will quickly come to realize just how special a community we really are, and how lucky they (and we) are to be a part of it.

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