Acclimating to a New Environment

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This week I wanted to talk about my fears and hesitations that came along with transferring. Transferring to a new school going into my junior year was nerve-racking to say the least. The students in my year here had known one another for two whole years, formed networks, and acclimated to life in Williamsburg. Along with this, I had also become so acclimated to my former institution that the change was a shock. The weather was different, the food was different, and there wasn’t one familiar face.

I found that making friends was a combination of naturally crossing paths and actively talking to people in your classes. It took a few weeks, but I found my favorite coffee shop and that actually became a great place to meet people. Last year, I started spending a ton of time at the Daily Grind, a coffee shop on campus. People from my classes and girls in my sorority would stop in for coffee or food, which always sparked some conversation. As much as I did feel like a freshman, not quite knowing anyone, it was nice to be able to sit in a familiar spot and see familiar faces every day.

Finding a good place can make every other fear go away. I felt the same way I always felt at the Grind as I still do about all of William & Mary. Finding the right place really makes the transition easy, and W&M was that place for me. The community here creates an environment where everyone can find a place.


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