The Orientation Aides get here today!

Today marks the beginning of my favorite 10 days of the year. Tonight we will start OA training, which kicks off the week of Orientation. I’m not sure I can express how excited I am for our staff to arrive. They are 185 strong, half have had this privilege before and half are experiencing this thrill for the first time. Of the 90 that are new, they are the best 25% of our over 400 applicants this year. They’ve dedicated themselves to serving new students for five days.

Over the next three days, they will prepare to face the awesome rewards and challenges that come with Orientation. One of the coolest things I think OA’s get to see during training is how much the administration cares about the Orientation experience. People from Athletics to Academics are taking the time to come and encourage the staff as we prepare to welcome the new students. The OA’s get to see just how much goes into Orientation. We even have folks from CW come in and pump up the staff.

Needless to say this is going to be the busiest week of the year. Hopefully I’ll get a good amount of blogging done, but realistically, it’ll be until next week that you hear from me again. Until then, get ready for some freakin good times on campus as we welcome the Class of 2012 to the Tribe.

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