Candlelight Ceremony: The Class of 2013 Alma Mater

In 1904 James Southall Wilson wrote the Alma Mater of the College. Directly translated to “nourishing mother”, this hymn represents all that has been, is, and is yet to come for William & Mary and the Class of 2013! Tomorrow morning when your name is called and you step up on stage to receive your diploma, you will become alumni of the college. You too, will join in the thousands of students who have taken William & Mary as their alma mater.

Hark! The students’ voices swelling echoing through Lake Matoaka, down DOG Street, across the Botetourt Complex, out the windows of  Wren and around William & Mary Hall.

Strong and true and clear they share stories of years gone by – memories of Convocation, Homecoming, Charter day and LDOC.

Alma Mater’s love they’re telling with a knowing that these memories will live on in the legacy they will leave behind in the bricks that make up old campus and the tradition that flows throughout the College.

Ringing far and near a resounding spirit of accomplishment for the Class of 2013!

William & Mary loved of old you’ve given us the gift of a strong mind and a community that will never be broken.

Hark upon the gale for the knowledge inspired in us by those who believe in the possibilities our lives represent. Praise for the times our internal chains were shattered and our definition of truth was challenged. Praise for new perceptions formed on the basis of this rich and fulfilling education.

Hear the thunder of our chorus prevailing on despite the trials, conquering that last exam, staying up all night to study and confronting challenges we all have faced.

Alma Mater – Hail for this place we now call, home.

God, our Father, hear our voices as we ask why Anna B. Martin didn’t cancel school that day and what President Reveley actually meant when he said “succulent stories”.

Listen to our cry of rejoice and merriment as we celebrate the last four years gone by, knowing that our next step into a world will continue to mold us, shape us and grow us.

Bless the College of our fathers for the endless moments on this campus that will live on in our souls.

Each one of us equipped with unique insights and a special story, a story written here. This time, a chapter, in the book of life that will last throughout the years. The pages might wilt and the ink might fade, but this chapter will remain. Crisp fall days in the Sunken Garden. WaWa runs. Swem moments. Office hours. Research. Athletics. Concerts. Dances…Sketched on the page and locked in your heart. If ever should you feel alone, remember the Alma Mater of the nation in this place forever home.

Let her never die for in each of us lives the spirit of the Alma Mater, a knowing that William & Mary in our hearts will forever reside…

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