Kaveh Sadeghian

Kaveh Sadeghian
  • Class of 2012
  • Hometown: Oakland, NJ
  • Major(s): International Public Health
  • Archived Blogger

About Kaveh Sadeghian

My name’s Kaveh Sadeghian and I’m originally from Jersey, which contrary to popular belief, is not that “dirty.” However, in Jersey, cars don’t stop for every pedestrian and 300-year-old buildings aren’t around every corner. That’s why there’s Williamsburg, VA.

Anyway, when I wasn’t blogging or walking around town like a tourist, I was a tour guide, a member of an a cappella group on campus, a Sharpe Community Scholar (aka “Sharpie”), and, of course, a student.

I loved life on campus. Between the almost weekly dance parties at the frats, grotesquely late-night Wawa sandwich runs and those infamous “swemming” sessions, I learned to enjoy this campus for all it’s worth.

Other fun facts: Salt and vinegar chips are my comfort food. I really like being by a window during thunderstorms, but I bug out if I’m actually outside. I base many of my decisions on a coin-flip.

Posts by Kaveh Sadeghian

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So, I’ve been meaning to update this blog for a long, long, long time, and didn’t know how to jumpstart my blogging career again.

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Nape kampe ak Ayiti. It means “We stand with Haiti” in Haitian Creole, and it’s the slogan for the “William & Mary Supports Haiti” student organization

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Getting into a car with a stranger was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Okay, so here’s a disclaimer. This is the longest blog I’ve written yet, mostly because it’s about the absolute most ridiculous thing that’s happened to me

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The title lies. There’s no such thing as a typical weekend at W&M. Don’t believe me? Well, the other weekend, I stayed up overnight with


"Pavaraccia" (pronounced Pa-Var-Asha). To me, it sounds like an exotic jewel that's so big it could eat the diamond Rose stupidly threw over the

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Here's a story about Steve. He is naive. He's an incoming freshman and doesn't really know what to bring with him. So, he brings