The Story of Steve the Naïve

Here’s a story about Steve. He is naive. He’s an incoming freshman and doesn’t really know what to bring with him. So, he brings everything. I mean, everything. This means his entire wardrobe, including multi-colored knit sweaters he got as gifts from his parents’ culturally dissociated senior citizen friends. This also includes, but isn’t limited to, a slough of silverware that will never be used, an industrial-sized box of printer paper, and his seven favorite childhood action figures. Yes, Steve the Naive packed everything.

Well, when Steve finally was about to move into his room, after a grueling 10 hour drive, he realized that his room wasn’t as big as he had imagined. Well, he never expected it to be very big, but surely it could house every single one of his possessions, right?

WRONG. Steve’s parents ended up taking back the winter jackets he packed in August alongside an abundance of other useless things that took up space in the car both to Williamsburg, and then from Williamsburg. But that still wasn’t enough. If Steve’s room was a cell, its membrane would have ruptured and the innards would have spilled all over the place. There was virtually no room to breathe. Steve realized that this was not a way to live, so he downsized. He sent some things back; he’d bring clothes he realized he really would never wear or miss, like lime green pants, back to his home in NJ during breaks. And slowly, but surely, things started getting organized and efficient.

Well, here’s the twist. Steve is actually me, Kaveh. I would’ve just used my name from the start, but my name doesn’t actually rhyme with “naive” and then I wouldn’t have had a clever title for the blog entry. This is a word of advice for all students in college, and especially the ones just getting into college. Downsize. Life at school is simple. You might not have the luxuries of placing your shampoo and soap in a shower stall. They would go in your room. All of your clothes would go in your room. Your bed, your pictures, your desk, your books, your guitar, your tv, your fridge, it all goes in your room. Now, multiply that by two, or three, or four, depending on how many roommates you have. Don’t get me wrong. I love dorm life. You live with your best friends; it’s seriously like sleep-away camp with intermittent tests and homework. But, just don’t be naive, like me. You won’t be able to live the same way you did back home, but that’s a good thing. Just ask Steve.

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