Liz Kelly

Liz Kelly
  • Class of 2012
  • Hometown: Alexandria, VA
  • Archived Blogger

About Liz Kelly

Campus Activities

International Relations Club, Community Council – School of Business and Social Sorority

Favorite Spot

The Crim Dell Bridge is my favorite spot on campus because it reminds me the most of W&M. The plaque on the bridge reads “…that one may walk in beauty, discover the serenity of the quiet moment, and dispel the shadows.” This quote sums up why I picked this location. The bridge itself is doused in tradition, but it is also surrounded by so much natural beauty. I walk from Old Campus to New Campus every day, and I pass by this bridge. The wildlife thrives here and the surrounding trees create a picturesque scene. I often come here to relax in the meadow or sit by the pond and spend a relaxing and peaceful day.

Posts by Liz Kelly

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