Cassandra Albert

Cassandra Albert
  • Class of 2011
  • Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Major(s): Psychology / Minor: Marketing
  • Archived Blogger

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Campus Activities

Pointe Blank Dance Troupe, Social sorority, New Student Orientation Area Director
Favorite Spot

I chose the dock behind the Keck Lab in part because it is right behind the Botetourt complex, home to my freshman dorm, Gooch. My freshman year, starting with Orientation is still a huge part of my William & Mary experience. I fell in love with W&M my freshman year, and my love for the College has remained strong ever since. The dock is a quiet, quaint place, (William & Mary has many of these on its campus) but it is not as well-known or as frequently traveled as the Wren Courtyard or the Crim Dell bridge. The dock is a one-stop shop–it is a great place to think, read, study, reflect, go on a date, hang out with friends, or just take a break. The scenery is beautiful and calming, and it is a bit like a doorway to Narnia–you’re still on campus, but it no longer feels like campus.

Posts by Cassandra Albert

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