Vampire or Werewolf? How about human?

I was never drawn into the Twilight saga phenomena, and after being forced to see the most recent film.  I’m actually anti-Twilight.  I had no intentions of seeing the movie, especially the midnight showing opening night. Some of the Admissions deans had plans to see the movie and invited the interns along. The only reason I went was because a fellow intern offered to pay for my ticket because I told him there was absolutely no way I would spend money to see the movie. I have been to all of the Harry Potter movies on opening night, so I thought I was prepared for the chaos I was going to encounter in the theater lobby. Right when we walked in we were notified to check our tickets for which auditorium we were in. We thought we were a step ahead because we had bought our tickets earlier in the week, but we also all bought them separately, putting us a step behind. Between the 15 or so of us that were there, we were divided into 4 different auditoriums. At this point I was already regretting my decision to go along for the ride. I sat back and watched as deans and interns ran around begging people to switch tickets so we could all be in the same theater. I was fairly apathetic about what theater I was in or if I was sitting next to people I knew. In fact, I was apathetic toward the whole experience in general. I was warned beforehand that going into this film without having read any of the books or seeing the other films I would be very lost. “Thankfully” I got a summary from one of the deans and was more than ready for what I was about to see-a mixture of bad acting, bad looking people, and bad plotline. Bad, bad, bad (in my opinion).  I’m pretty sure I just don’t get it. I don’t know why a human girl feels compelled to choose between a werewolf boy or a vampire boy. I also don’t know why she wants to become a vampire over remaining human. Moreover, I don’t understand why any of this is entertaining, but to each their own  because I have an unexplainable obsession with Hello Kitty and still watch Dawson’s Creek.

As Debbie down as I’m being in this entry, the experience was awesome and irreplaceable. It was nice to hang out with the deans and my co-workers outside of the office. It was definitely a bonding experience for everyone regardless of if they were Twilight fans or not.  People really came out of their shells and true personalities shined through.  I really broke the ice by falling up the stairs in front of everyone before the movie started.  Hoping no one had noticed, I casually stood up only to hear cheers from two specific members from the group, calling me out. Needless to say there is no doubt I’ll be at the next staff event to get them back.

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