Welcome Home!

Convocation is an awesome experience for new students after the first day of classes in the fall! As a new student you will gather around the side of the Wren Building closest to Colonial Williamsburg and listen to President Reveley speak and provide you with wonderful insight into your next years. All of your Orientation Aides will be there to sit with you and your hall mates. Everyone lines up (crowds around) the entrance to the Wren Building as you are handed a class pin and walk through the doors and enter on the side of campus thinking about all William & Mary has to offer. Once you cross those doors, a wave of inclusion will settle in and this will feel like home. Waiting on the other side is essentially the whole student body of William & Mary greeting you with high fives and cheers as you walk down the old brick pathway. The amount of people that come out for the event spoke volumes to me, I knew these were my peers for the next few years and I could find comfort in knowing that I would be surrounded by some of the most caring and intelligent people from across the country. Convocation is followed by some refreshments in the Sunken Garden where you can mingle with your fellow new students. Convocation is the first half of a beautiful William & Mary tradition, because senior walk through the same path, in the opposite direction, on graduation day. Coming through that spot at the Wren Building again as you close this chapter of your time will be such a rewarding and sentimental feeling thanks to convocation. I hope you all are looking forward to DFAS and know that we cannot wait to answer any questions you may have!

-Grace Covello ’16

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