Raindrops on Roses

Though I may not be singing about them during a storm while dancing through curtains as the governess of seven children, here are a few of my favorite things:

  1. Finding a bobby pin. They are literally EVERYWHERE. Except when you’re out to dinner or in class or at the gym and those few hairs slip out. This is when you can never seem to find one. And then, there in the depths of your wallet or backpack, you find it. Kelley: 1, World: 0.
  2. An old ratty t-shirt. Everyone has one. That t-shirt that you’ve had since you were in braces sitting in ninth grade biology. You can hardly even see the writing on it anymore and you don’t have a clue how it doesn’t have a single hole in it. What a trooper. It’s been with you through homecomings, proms, regional track meets, mission trips, and still not a single patch needs sewing. Mine is an old W&M shirt I stole from my mama, who I think stole it from her brother back in the day. Talk about against all odds.
  3. Tacos. I don’t even know what to add to that. I get so happy when I know I’m going to a Mexican place for lunch or dinner, something that happens far more than my arteries would like. Honestly though, have you ever seen someone angry in a Mexican restaurant? But life is short, so I’ll eat the taco(s).

Sometimes it’s the little things in life we have to stop and remember. There are the obvious things like travel, and freshly cut grass and old friends that we all love, but I think it’s important to count the little victories we have every day. That way when your test didn’t go so well, or that 10% chance of rain actually happens, you can simply remember your favorite things, and then it won’t feel so bad.


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