Last Day of Classes

The day that is swiftly approaching and every student is looking forward to is the last day of classes.  The spring semester always seems to go along very quickly and before long, it’s already the end of school.  For many, the last day of school signifies the freedom from work for their classes, but I’m most looking forward to all the fun events on the last day of classes.

On May 1st, the Sunken Gardens will transform from a gorgeous lawn to a set-up similar to that of county fair or carnival.  Moon bounces, games, free food and drinks line up and down the Sunken Gardens for all students enjoy.  As usually one of the warmest days in Williamsburg, it is a great time to have fun in the sun and relax after a long semester of hard work.  All the dining halls close down and move outside to the Sunken Gardens to host an outside BBQ.   Throughout the day, there are many fun events going on including a capella concerts, free T-shirt giveaways, free ice cream, and many games of Frisbee.  What’s so great about the Last Day of Classes is that it really brings together the whole school to celebrate.  Everyone is included in the all day celebration and everyone I know who has ever experienced LDOC knows that it is a great time.  The all day extravaganza goes on way into the night concluding well after the sun goes down.

I can’t wait for all the fun activities that are happening on LDOC this year.  We have Sister Hazel coming to perform a concert that day which I’m sure will be so much fun.  Live music is great on a warm spring day!  Now I just have to wait through the two weeks before then.  But I’m not too worried, I know it will be here soon enough.

– David Mendler ’11

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