Last Day of Classes in Quarantine

It is hard to believe that we have reached the end of the spring semester. It feels like just yesterday I was on campus celebrating Charter Day a.k.a. William & Mary’s birthday. As an out-of-state student, it is weird to be home and so far from campus. I miss seeing my friends, going to Wawa for late-night snacks, and eating at Noodles & Co. While I am not a senior, I feel as though I have missed out on opportunities this spring. Last Day of Classes, or LDOC as it is known on campus, is a particularly special day for students on campus. You see the seniors lined up that morning to ring the Wren bell, and you hear it all around campus that day. As well, there is a carnival to celebrate where you get free t-shirts! Everyone joins in on the festivities, including the police who hand out free t-shirts and candy.

While I am not going to get the chance to celebrate it this year, the William & Mary community is still working to make this day special. Professors saying touching goodbyes to students over Zoom and departments holding happy hours for their graduating students are just a few of the ways that our community is celebrating LDOC.

It still feels different, though. I miss getting the chance to be on campus to celebrate this day with my friends. I know, though, that my William & Mary community is feeling the same thing. Through professors sending out check-in emails with students and friends texting good news such as getting in as a transfer student to William & Mary or getting into the School of Education’s Masters Program, we are still keeping in contact. And all of this just solidifies my choice of going to William & Mary. The community at William & Mary is special and can’t be found anywhere else. Professors and students are working to ensure that no one feels as though he, she, or they is not supported mentally, emotionally, and in the classroom. Quarantine has been difficult for all of us, but the community at William & Mary has persevered and is going to come out stronger and more tight-knit.

When we are next on campus I can’t wait to hug my friends and see my professors again. I also can’t wait to celebrate first day of classes by attending convocation and welcoming the class of 2024 to this community. They will be entering one that is pretty special and is excited to welcome them into a warm and tight-knit home.

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