Right now, I’m thirty minutes away from heading over to the Caf with my friends to enjoy some great grub! I always check the online menus and tonight the Caf is featuring spaghetti and meatballs and kabob beef!

We have three main dining halls here at W&M: the Caf (or Commons), Sadler Center RFoC, and Marketplace. The former two are all you can eat while the Marketplace is a la carte. My favorite would have to be the Caf for its amount of options and location.

I remember my initial visit to W&M and how I thought it was so cool that the dining halls served pizza and self-serve ice cream every day! After the first couple weeks of pizza and ice cream, I now appreciate and embrace all the different choices. Each dining hall has several different stations offering deli, grill, pasta, produce, and soup selections. Vegetarian or vegan? No problem! I have several friends that are vegetarians or vegans and they are beyond satisfied with dining service’s offerings.

Another great attribute of the dining halls is the people! The chefs and staff are always so friendly and try to get to know the students. Just the other day, one even noticed that I had gotten a haircut!

Besides the three big halls, the tribe also enjoys food from the School of Business Boehly Café, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Dodge Room, and more!

I highly encourage you to dine at one of these locations when visiting campus! Also, check out for more info!


Sorry if I’m making ya’ll hungry!

– Justin Fitze

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