DOT Your “I’s”

As I was leaving my dorm room for spring break this afternoon and was unplugging appliances and turning off lights, I was reminded of W&M’s DOT program.  DOT stands for “Do One Thing,” it is a stance towards a better usage of energy for tomorrow.  It means changing one thing in your life that will make you happy and also benefits your surroundings.  Your DOT can be anything from choosing to recycle to calling your grandmother once a week or saying “hi” to someone new every day; really it can be anything that can improve your life and the lives of those around you.  The theory is that if everyone makes one small change in their life, it will inspire others to do so as well.  One DOT might not seem like a big impact, but, say, a million DOT’s? Well…you get the picture!

The William and Mary business school is the first school in the world to instigate the DOT sustainability program.  It began on January 25, 2010 in a small business school club, and since then has spread across campus, compiling almost 1,500 followers!  It’s really incredible how quickly this all spread!  It goes to show how impactful the program really is, and I encourage everyone around me to choose a DOT; it’s a lot of fun!  To find out more about DOT and choosing your own, check out this video.

– Megan Castle ’11

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