Freshman and Sophomore Bucket List

As a junior here at the college, it’s hard to imagine that I’ve actually been here for over two years. What happened to freshman and sophomore year? Where did they go? It’s hard to believe that my weekends are no longer filled with movie nights in Danny’s room or baking birthday cakes with Caroline for every single person on our freshman hall…

As I’m sitting here reminiscing, there are a few things that I think are necessary to do during freshman and sophomore year, and here are the first five things I suggest you do (trust me, there are many more, this is just a start!) :

1 – Get lost in Colonial Williamsburg. It is, in fact, possible to do this, as I learned while trying to find the CW House at some point last year. Just walk as far down as you possibly can through CW and you will find things that you never knew existed.

2 – Have a movie night with your freshman hall. Some of my favorite nights of freshman year involved something as simple as watching the Original Kings of Comedy Tour with the girls next door (yes, we love Steve Harvey, Katt Williams, and Bernie Mac).

3 – Spend a night with your best friends that involves nothing more than being cracked out on candy and coffee from WaWa and laughing at stupid and pointless youtube videos (examples of great ones to start with? Scarlet Takes a Tumble, David After Dentist, Charlie Bit Me, Bed Intruder, Leprechaun in Alabama, the list continues…).

4 – Volunteer at least once with the Admissions Office. Whether it’s being a Tribe Ambassador or Tour Guide, or being a person in a yellow shirt during our huge “Day for Admitted Students” – do it! You’d be surprised at how wonderful and rewarding it is to talk to prospective students.

5 – Take advantage of living on-campus, especially freshman year. The fact that you live with so many other people (for Barrett, it’s 175!) is a blessing – so take it as that. I can’t even begin to say how many people I run into on a daily basis that I lived with in Barrett freshman year and even though we weren’t best friends, it’s still awesome to catch up with them.

Oh college, why do you have to pass by so quickly?

Kylee Ponder
Class of  2012

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