As of now, I’m sure all of Virginia knows that on April 19, 2009, William and Mary students tried to break the Guinness World Record for the largest group of people doing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance. As I danced to “Thriller” in the Sunken Gardens, I thought how might this video have turned out if Michael Jackson had filmed it right here at William and Mary? I think I have an idea…

(Michael Jackson and lady of interest walk out of Swem Library after a study date. It is 1 A.M. and the squirrels have settled down for the night. An eerie mist settles over the sundial and the trees make a grotesque shape among the pitch black background. The moon is full.)

(Walk together)
Michael: Can I ask you something?
Girl: What?
Michael: Can I copy your homework for Elementary Statistics?
Girl: No, that’s against the honor code!
Michael: Oh, I was just kidding (nervous laugh)
Girl: uh huh
Michael: What I really wanted to ask was… if you would be my girl?
Girl: Oh Michael!
(Embrace, he gives her a William and Mary hooded jacket from the Campus shop)
It’s so beautiful!
Michael: Now it’s official.
Michael: I have something I want to tell you.
Girl: Yes, Michael?
Michael: I’m not like other guys.
Girl: Of course not. That’s why I love you.
Michael: No, I mean I’m different.
Girl: What are you talking about?
(Michael starts his transformation)
Girl: Are you alright?
Michael: Go away!
(Girls screams)

Rabid squirrelThe haunted girl from the Peyton Randolph house approaches with her candle. You can hear the click of one heel as Ann Skipwith approaches, the grim reaper in the mysterious Colonial Williamsburg bushes creeps up behind the couple. Zombies from all the Colonial Williamsburg stories rise out the ground and then the girl turns to look at Michael and he has transformed into A RABID SQUIRREL!

Scared out of her wits the girls screams and runs toward Andrews Hall. (The Song starts: It’s after midnight…you know the rest) The dance of course is the same because it’s classic and like the best dance ever!! Then it ends with the creepy skeleton guy laughing and the ending still frame is Michael Jackson as a wicked squirrel instead of a werewolf.


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