Final Waitlist Update

Admit It! You’re either eager for more waitlist updates or tired of them. There’s usually not a middle ground. We just wanted to post a short blog providing an update for both freshman and transfers as we believe our waitlist process has almost if not fully concluded for this cycle.

Freshman Waitlist

At this point, we do not anticipate making any additional offers to freshman applicants. Our class is full and we don’t anticipate much if any change between now and when classes start in August. If you responded affirmatively to the email earlier this month indicating your interest in remaining on the waitlist we do have that information and will consider those students should anything change.

Transfer Waitlist

Earlier today we sent an email to all transfers remaining on the waitlist letting them know the transfer cohort is also at capacity for this fall. We realize that the possibility exists that things could change allowing us to admit a few additional students. We’ve asked those on the transfer waitlist to complete an online form if they are interested in remaining on the waitlist for consideration. If spaces become available for transfers we will consider those students who respond affirmatively through that form.

We thank everyone for their patience as we worked our way through the selection of this year’s applicants. We appreciate all of the great conversation this blog has provided.

We now turn to the 2014-2015 application cycle and look forward to working with all of the students and their families who will be applying this coming year.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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