Urban Admission Legends Debunked…Part 2

Every student is looking for that magic bullet that will help them gain admission to the school of their choice.  Prospective students and families often ask if they are more likely to get in if they indicate interest in or apply to a specific major.  The thought being, we have room for only so many bio majors and so many history majors, etc.  At W&M this is a complete urban admission legend myth. Your intended major plays no role in whether or not you are admitted.  We only ask for your intended major to be able to match you with an academic advisor should you decide to enroll.  In fact, at W&M, you don’t apply to any particular major.  You apply simply to W&M.  It’s not until the second semester of sophomore year that you’re even allowed to declare a major.  So, on the Supplement, where it asks for your intended major, feel free to check one box, three boxes, or undecided.  It will have no impact on your particular admission decision.

Wendy Livingston, ’03, M.Ed ’09
Senior Assistant Dean of Admission

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