Look on the bright side

Look on the bright side…

So Williamsburg, like much of the mid-Atlantic region, has been slammed for the last two days by wind and rain. Local school systems have closed down.  Roads, bridges and tunnels have been closed.  Streams, small lakes and backyards are flooding. It’s a mess!

Criss-crossed with brick paths, the campus is pretty slippery with lots of puddles.  Umbrellas are plentiful, some turning inside out from the wind.  Mine is less effective now that three of the spokes are no longer connected.  Rain boots are the footwear of preference, some are plain, some polka-dotted, some have animal print or flowers on them.  Slickers in all sizes and colors are seen everywhere.  Umbrellas line the hallways of dorms. Everyone is soaked like after the Roman Rapids ride at Busch Gardens without the benefit of the fun and thrill of the ride.  As nasty as it is outside, it would be easy for students to get grumpy as they trek across campus.  However, this is what I saw outside one of the dorms this morning.  I wish I had a camera… A male student dressed head to toe in rain gear, blue boots, yellow slicker, floppy hat, green and gold umbrella.  Instead of slogging his way, head down into the wind, he was leaping gleefully from puddle to puddle, splashing water everywhere, smiling ear to ear like a small child.  The image has been on my mind all day, keeping a smile on my face.

Just another example of how W&M students make the best out of every situation, always looking on the bright side.

– Betsy Quinzio

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