The Jack-O-Linterns Strike Again

We Admit It!  We kind of look forward to what each part of the escalated kickball challenge will bring. Yesterday, we found more cupcakes with another premature declaration of victory (to which we of course responded).  Not sure why this particular group of Senior Interviewers has such an affinity for baked goods (they claim that they’re trying to fatten us up).

After lunch today, we each found what is supposed to be an intimidating note about our impending metaphorical death taped to our office doors.  Each note was tailored to that individual dean’s interests, hobbies or connection to the Senior Interviewers.

But hey Senior Interviewers, this isn’t the deans’ first time at the dance.  We’ve done this kickball thing nine times already (with 6 wins nonetheless),  and nothing scares or intimidates us.  We are ready for tomorrow.  So bring it on.  And dear readers, please remember to cheer us on. #teamdeans

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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