Kickball is Coming

We Admit It!  W&M people get pretty excited about traditions.  In the Admission Office specifically, we get pretty amped up about our annual Senior Interviewers vs. Admission Staff kickball game.  Ten summers ago, on a random trip to K-Mart, a Senior Interviewer found a kickball for sale (you know, the legitimate, big, red, reminds-you-of-the-elementary-school-playground kickball) and bought it.  She then suggested a “friendly” game of interns vs. deans.  And a tradition was born.

Every summer since, on what is inevitably the hottest day of the year, the Senior Interviewers and the admission deans gather in the Sunken Garden for a no-holds-barred, fight-to-the-death, all-in-good-fun grudge match.  This year’s date has been set: Thursday, July 25.  T-minus six days and counting.  We expect the official gauntlet to be thrown by this year’s Senior Interviewers next week (stay tuned as this blog will update you as we lead up to the game itself).  We also expect them to lose (hey, they may be younger, but we the deans have experience on our side).  We’re not 6 and 3 for nothing.

Kickball is an example of the William & Mary spirit at its finest: work hard/play hard, take what we do seriously, but not ourselves too seriously, a community of diverse people enjoying each other’s company and camaraderie.

The trash talk is on.  The strategy is being set.  Now we just await the game.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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