Thank your guidance counselor!

Thank your guidance counselor!  And staff!

Think about what your guidance counselor just did for you.  They wrote a glowing recommendation, hopefully making you stand out among the thousands of applicants applying to the university of your choice.  They prepared and proofed your transcript and completed whatever form your chosen university requires.  Then they addressed it and mailed it on time.  Now multipy that times the number of schools you applied to and then times the number of students they counsel.  That is a tremendous amount of work in a few short weeks time.  At this time of year, we at the admission office get to see first hand the fruits of their labor, in the form of bins, and bins full of mail!  20 plus just today!

When you get accepted, and you will get accepted someplace, you will think about the favorite teacher who mentored you, or your coach or band director.  But remember to thank your guidance counselor.

– Betsy Quinzio

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