On the Road Again…

Well, actually not again, but for the first time. Here in the Admission Office, we are underway with our fall travel schedule. For the new members of the office—including myself—this is our first time traveling for W&M. I was on the road last week, participating in college fairs throughout Southwest Virginia. I had a great time, but it did take me a while to get used to driving for hours from one high school just to reach the next one. I’m from Virginia Beach, VA—which is by no means a booming metropolis—but we do have grocery stores within blocks from each other. When I was driving the highways of Martinsville, Danville, and Chatham, I had to make sure to stop for gas even when I didn’t need it because I wasn’t sure if I would see another gas station!

It was very interesting to be traveling in areas to which I had never been. As an admission team, we are aiming to diversify our student body in several different ways, and one of those ways happens to be geographically. There are some areas where W&M has always been popular, and people are well aware and have great knowledge about the College. We are extremely thankful for that notoriety, but we want to keep spreading the word. If you hear of a college fair in your area or at your high school, take advantage of it. Go out and hear what representatives have to say about their institution. Grab informational materials and read up on the school. Ask questions. Sign up for mailing lists. The key to making a great decision as to where you want to spend the next four years of your life is to be educated and informed. College fairs are the perfect way to do that.

I look forward to see you during my travels!

– Kia Butts

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