More Than Bricks…

I must admit it is quite amusing to stop for gas here in Williamsburg and find a gentleman at a neighboring pump who is fully bedecked in clothes representing centuries gone by. It’s also pretty neat to take a walk around the sunken garden in the middle of the afternoon, enjoying the joy and spirit of students working together, playing together, living full lives- together (even if the overwhelming number of cobblestones and my propensity to wear high heeled shoes doesn’t make for particularly comfortable stroll). But, despite the fact that hearing a reference to the College immediately brings these obvious characteristics to mind there is so much more about W&M that is unique and special. This spring the Office of Undergraduate Admission posed the question to our students, “Why are we, W&M, as a community, more than just- bricks?” In the first ever More Than Bricks Challenge, students were invited to create short films, commercials really- which spoke to the answer to this question. The winning team’s entry was used during our admitted student events this spring and allowed us the opportunity to share an insider’s perspective on a few of the many reasons the College is more than what some perceive. Our students are fascinating quick-witted folks who support each other, desire to think critically and aspire to change the world. Our institution is an incubator for some of the world’s most effective leaders, most inspiring teachers, savvy scientists and creative artists-  but you don’t have to take my word for it. To view the winning entry for the 2009 More Than Bricks Challenge, visit

– Jennifer Scott

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