New Journey

This Friday marks the official welcome of all new students to campus with our Opening Convocation ceremony.  With this tradition, all new students walk through the Wren Building with a welcome from all the returning students and staff.  For those of us in the admission office, this is really the culmination of another admission cycle.  We get to greet all the students we had the pleasure of meeting in the fall at high schools and college fairs, who we read about as their applications came across our desks.  We then had the joy of sending them a letter of acceptance that turned into a check for $350.  Not only does this mark the end of one cycle, it also marks the beginning of the next cycle as we are heading out on the road again in another week or so to start recruiting for the class of 2013 (wow!).  With this new cycle, however, we will have new faces as a part of the team this year.  We had the pleasure of having a consistent staff for the past 3 years and this year we are both saddened and excited about the departures and new additions to the admission team.

For the new students, they are beginning a new journey here at William and Mary.  For the admission staff, we are beginning a new journey for the class of 2013.  For students, they are getting used to new personalities, roommates, hall mates and faculty.  For the admission staff, we are getting used to new personalities office mates and work styles.  I am sure students are a little nervous, but excited at the same time.  I think the admission staff feels the same way.

Welcome Class of 2012!

Welcome New Members of the Admission Team!

We are happy and excited that you are beginning a new journey with us at The College of William and Mary.

– Randy Tripp

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