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Admit It!  You’ve never felt more popular than you do right now.  Likely the majority of the mail your household gets is for you.  It’s from some college or another; some of which you’re terribly interested in; others you’ve never even heard of.  It’s one glossy brochure after another extolling the virtues of college X and university Y in an attempt to convince you that there’s no place you’d rather spend the next four years than at that campus – how could you not after viewing the knock-out shot of campus conveniently placed at the brochure’s centerfold, you know the one with the beautiful brick building, the perfectly manicured green lawn and the amazingly attractive and diverse group of students laughing together having the time of their lives.  Oftentimes these brochures end up in a pile on your bedroom floor or go out each week when you place your recycling at the curb.  The ampersandbox is different (plus it’s already made out of recycled materials so don’t be so quick to place it in that blue bin).

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To showcase the uniqueness of W&M, the Office of Undergraduate Admission and W&M’s Creative Services have spent the past year coming up with something different; something we like to call the ampersandbox.  It’s a dynamic, out-of-the box (and into the sandbox), multimedia depiction of William & Mary (that ampersand is important by the way).  We hope that whether you experience the ampersandbox in the mail, on campus or online (or all three) you find it conveys the College’s powerful sense of place and purpose (since the ampersandbox website is interactive and people can add to the collection of word pairs like those depicted above and below, I hope somebody does something fun with Place & Purpose).  The ampersandbox is about showcasing the conjunctions that are a part of the lives of all who belong to W&M.  We invite One & All to join us in the ampersandbox for good fun and good conversation about your own ambitions and interests and those that are integral to the lives of W&M students and faculty.

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Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Senior Assistant Dean of Admission
(and author of Hugs & Kisses)

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