Places you should know: The Sadler Center

“Sadler,” formerly known as the “UC” or University Center, is what we now call the hall where we often dine and hold student activities. It was named after Sam Sadler (’64, M.Ed. ’71). Here you will find students involved with a variety of activities, maybe advertising at tables on your way in to eat or hosting a performance or event on a week night or weekend. Plenty of couch space and a big screen TV make it a nice place to relax while you wait for friends or study. Sadler also has a small computer lab where you can print off any last minute assignments or resumes. Alma Mater Productions (AMP) may put on a movie in the commonwealth, a theatre in Sadler, or you may also see your favorite a cappella group hosting concerts here. Besides dining and activities, the basement of Sadler is where you will find your student mail, as well as a post office for shipping out and picking up packages. This is convenient, especially for when your parents want to send you goodies, or whenever you decide to buy textbooks online and want them delivered to the school. Inside Sadler’s basement, we also have Lodge 1, where student activities host a variety of concerts, improvisations, and many other forms of entertainment. Lodge 1 is where you will frequently see many students hanging out with their friends, eating lunch to-go or just grabbing a coffee. Located inside of the basement, as well, is the student x-change, where you can find just about any and everything that you might need for College. From notebooks to drinks, toiletries to fun gifts, the student exchange has it all.

-Jonathan Hulme

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