My Own Laboratory

The Integrated Science Center, or ISC, is a brand new building on campus (it just opened this past summer!). Being a Chemistry major, I guess I get excited about the fact that we have a building completely dedicated to laboratories — you won’t find a single classroom in the building! While I was thrilled at the idea of taking my physical chemistry laboratory in a well-lit room with nice lab benches, there was nothing more exciting than getting a key to my own laboratory. Okay, so it’s not exactly my own lab, I do share it with a few other students, but I have my own space where I conduct my own experiments.
When I came to William and Mary, I desperately wanted to participate in undergraduate research. Upon my arrival, I immediately started emailing professors in the chemistry department and within three days, I found a professor to do research with!  Three years later (how time flies!) I am still working with him. As a freshman he patiently watched me perform all of the experiments, today I am able to go to lab by myself and conduct my own experiments.
Whether you are a chemistry major or a government major, you too can participate in undergraduate research at William and Mary. The professors here are fabulous and they are always looking for students who are interested in their field of study.

Amy Sirkis, 2010

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