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This past weekend here on campus was Homecoming. Personally, this is one of my favorite events at William & Mary. There’s always tons of events going on: from the Homecoming Parade, to tailgates for the football game, to lots of club performances like a cappella shows, improv theatre and music concerts. Homecoming is my favorite, not just for the amount of engaging activities, but also for the feeling of multi-generational community it provides. It’s a wonderful time, where you get to see generations of alumni and their families return to campus to relive the glory days.

Alumni come back year after year to reconnect with their old friends and even connect with current students to explain why they love William & Mary so much. This almost surreal experience really shows how much this school impacts each individual’s life for years to come. And you get to see first-hand how the friends you make at this university and the activities you are involved with can last a lifetime.

Seeing such a vibrant culture of current and past students alike celebrating their love and traditions of William & Mary each year if anything has assured me in my decision to come here. In fact, it was this exact time last year where I finally felt truly at home.

So, if you get a chance as a student, alumni, or general tourist, I would recommend coming down to Williamsburg for Homecoming to participate in all they have to offer.

Until next time,
Megan Stumpf ’19

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