It’s the Beginning of a Long and Beautiful Semester

Fall semester has just begun and campus is swarming with hundreds of faces, some familiar and some new. The beginning of the semester is always crazy, with add/drop, clubs and classes starting up, and all of the fun free things that happen in college.

My semester so far has been both awesome and insane. I am going through sorority recruitment starting tomorrow, I am involved in AMP (which had a successful kickoff, by the way), I have a new job, I am on the Food Advisory Committee for W&M, and I am joining a new club called Gluten-Freedom. New beginnings are exciting! But also overwhelming, so it is important for me (and you) to schedule in some free time. My free time entails watching Netflix obsessively and hiking on the Matoaka trails, but hey, everyone is different. My roommate is overbooked with 18 credits and five thousand clubs—I don’t know how she does it all!

Anyways, what this post is inevitably leading to is: have fun! Try new things, meet new people, bust out the jeans and the fall boots. Back to school is one of the most exciting times of the year, and we only get to experience it for a few more. I know it is hard watching the last of summer fade, but time flies, and soon it will officially be fall! Or at least, it already is according to Starbucks.

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