Top 5 Reasons why I love W&M

As I enter my senior year at the College of William and Mary, I thought it would be a great idea to list my top five reasons why I love William and Mary soooo much. There are multiple things and people on campus that have changed the way I view the world and specifically the US. As a Pre-Med student, I’ve spent countless hours in Swem but when I do manage to escape, I find that there is always something to do for fun.


5.  Beautiful Campus

I remember coming in as a freshman and thinking this campus is so stunning. Everything from the Wren to Morton is well kept. UMM then again, maybe not Morton (Inside W&M joke). We take pride in the appearance of our campus and you will always find someone out planting flowers or blowing leaves. I remember thinking as a freshman why do they spend money on leaf blowers in the fall when they know the next morning they will awake to more leaves on the ground! There is so much time and effort that goes into campus beautification. OVERALL, OUR CAMPUS IS THE BEST!

4. Swem Library

Swem recently was rated the 7th best library on a college campus. Most students will spend multiple hours in swem in a given semester. If you go on a tour, you will normally hear the dynamics of the different floors. My favorite floor is the 2nd in a nice corner near a window.  The resources available in swem are phenomenal. I think the media center in the basement is probably the best kept secret in the library. I remember going down there for my freshmen seminar making my own piece of music. The equipment and resources are also great for film studies and music majors. OVERALL, OUR LIBRARY IS THE BEST!

3.  Campus Organizations

W&M offers over 400 different clubs and organizations. Contrary to popular belief W&M students know how to have a good time. Some of my favorite clubs/organizations are those that dedicate their time to community service and youth outreach. Harry Potter club is another popular one on campus! If there isn’t a club that you are interested in within that 400, then you can start your own! I love how W&M gives students the freedom and resources to expand their ideas. Most W&M students are involved with at least 3-4 different clubs or organizations outside of academics. I know one of the things I will miss most upon graduation will be the many clubs that I am involved in. OVERALL, CAMPUS CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS ARE THE BEST!

2. Students

I don’t think I’ve ever meet anyone like a W&M student. We take our academics seriously, but we know how to have a great time. W&M students make campus lively, vibrant, and expressive. I admire how W&M students have such a deep appreciation for community service. W&M students are also very diverse in their thoughts and open minded to listening to others. Some of my most enjoyable classes have been those with heavy discussion because you get the opportunity to hear different opinions and experiences. OVERALL, W&M STUDENTS ARE THE BEST!!!!

1. Professors

W&M Professors are so approachable. They really take an interest in students and I think some of my favorite classes have been those where the professor has really gotten to know me.  The student faculty ratio is 11:1, which is amazing! I’ve had classes from 150 to 40 to 20 to 12. I think the classroom experience is most enjoyable when you are in a smaller classroom setting. Smaller classes make the classroom intimate and the professors get the opportunity to really get to know their students. OVERALL W&M PROFESSORS ARE THE BEST!!!!

So when you combine all of these things, you will also conclude that W&M IS THE BEST!!!

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