Colonial Williamsburg Team Pics!

Last Thursday, Tribe Gymnastics put on our brand new sparkly leos and took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg to take our team pictures! (see below)

Halloween is always fun with Tribe Gymnastics!  Mary made us treats and each class came up with a creative costume.  The freshmen dressed up as babies, the sophomores were the characters from the Wizard of Oz, the juniors were Crayons, and the seniors dressed up as bacon and eggs.  After a productive practice, we enjoyed Mary’s delicious Pumpkin cheesecake and Heath Bar Brownies!

In the gym, everyone has been looking good and our routines are really starting to come together.  We have our first pressure sets of the year starting soon with Beam on Thursday and Bars on Friday!   Green and Gold is coming up!  And, the green and gold teams have been set so let the excitement start!

Classes, work, and lots of midterms occupy our time outside of the gym.  It’s a busy time filled with lots of schoolwork, and figuring out what classes to take next semester.  Registration is this week and I hope everyone gets the classes they want!

That’s all for now!

Lindsey Nichol

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