Sharing Your Passions

Passionate is a word I often use to describe the students at William & Mary. Their passion can vary from academics, to politics, to a philanthropy. A fantastic thing about W&M is you can always find someone who shares your passion. This is exemplified by the numerous clubs on campus. There is basically a club for everything, if you like cheese there is a club for that! Being surrounded by so many passionate students makes me strive every day to be a better person and give as much as I can to others.

This past weekend William & Mary held their third annual TribeTHON which is a dance marathon to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, specifically the one in our area, Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter. This is an event I hope becomes a tradition at W&M along with things like Convocation. The dance marathon raised over 40 thousand dollars this year. This was my first year partaking in the event. I spent my Saturday dancing for nearly 6 hours (it was a ten hour event so I am sad I could not dance for all of it). It was probably one of the best days of my life. By the end of the night my feet hurt, my calves were cramping, and I basically hurt everywhere but I would do it all over again. As I danced for the kids I felt extremely close to my fellow students. Originally I was surprised by how many people were there, after some time I realized I shouldn’t be. W&M is a university full of extremely passionate students, and their passion is contagious.

There are many ways to describe a typical William & Mary person, or as we say TWAMP. When people hear I go to W&M they usually say to me that the students here are overly stressed. I always correct them so they understand we are passionate, not overly stressed. It’s my opinion that the level of passion here is one of the things that makes W&M unique.

Rebecca Hill ’17

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