Meet the Transfer Interns: Rebecca (Finding My Way Home)

Rebecca HillHi everyone a little about me before I tell you about my journey. I am a senior at W&M, I am a neuroscience major, a biochemistry minor and on the premedical track. William & Mary was always my dream school. It was a cold October day when I first laid my eyes on William & Mary at the age of eleven. There was no doubt to me after that first time here this was the college I wanted to go to.

My journey to William & Mary was not as direct as I had pictured. As other events in my life unfolded I chose to graduate high school a year early. This meant I graduated in the summer before my senior year, I was not able to apply to colleges due to this. It worked out for me in the end as I ended up at a local Virginia community college. My first meeting with an advisor I learned about the guaranteed admission agreement. I instantly knew it was right for me, anything to get me to William & Mary was right for me if I am being honest. I worked hard over the next two years to complete the guaranteed admission agreement. I sought out any and all information about transferring I could such as attending William & Mary transfer days (three times which is a bit excessive). This is the same event that we recently hosted, and I highly recommend it to gain further insight into William & Mary! My journey to William & Mary continues as I received acceptance letter spring of 2015.

My journey to William & Mary was not conventional by any means, and that is okay! I want people to realize that it does not necessarily matter where you start, but where you end. I would not change anything about my journey to William & Mary as it helped to shape who I am as a student and as a person.

-Rebecca Hill ’17

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