Introduction: Caroline Falvey


Caroline FalveyMy name is Caroline and I am a senior here at the university! I transferred to William & Mary in fall 2016 from a small liberal arts college in the Northeast. For my first blog post, I’d like to share some things about myself and how I have adjusted to life here in Williamsburg! On campus, I am involved in fraternity/sorority life and I work in a Biology research lab. I am a Biology major hoping to continue with either a Masters degree in Biology or in Public Health.

Changing schools going into my junior year was a very scary concept for me. Not only was I leaving friends who I had spent two whole years with, but I was also going to a place where I didn’t know anyone. Within my first week on campus, I had been given a home from the Cross Country team and also my sorority. We also participated in a full orientation, basically as involved as a traditional freshman orientation would be. Because of this welcome week, almost all my fears dissolved. I am no longer running here at the university, but the welcoming community of W&M has not changed. After one year here, I feel more at home than I had ever felt at my previous institution. William & Mary fosters such a feeling of community, making it easy to feel like you belong from the very start.

I look forward to telling all of you more about what makes my William & Mary experience so great and how well they embrace transfers into the community!

-Caroline Falvey

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