Hungry in the ‘Burg

I’m a big fan of the dining halls on campus, mainly because they make it so easy to run into and catch up with friends when school inevitably gets busy. My transfer orientation group ate several meals together at the Caf every week for almost the whole year. But since moving off campus (with some of the same transfer friends) I’ve been taking advantage of different on-campus dining options and the awesome restaurants around Williamsburg. Even if you’re on a W&M meal plan, they’re worth checking out— some accept Dining Dollars (part of the meal plans). The ‘burg has plenty of dining options, but these are a few of my favorite places to recommend to visitors and new students.

  1. If you want to people watch, get coffee with a friend, grab a bite while doing work, or all of the above, look no further than the Grind. It’s centrally-located by Sadler, employs a bunch of students, and you’re likely to run into a professor there. It has an extensive drink menu with something for coffee-lovers and non-coffee-lovers alike. With a classic coffee shop vibe, it’s easy to forget that you’re still on campus.
  2. If you’re looking for a low-key but delicious off-campus experience head over to Aroma’s on Prince George St. It has a similar feel and menu to the Grind, but has more options for dinner and dessert. Just thinking about their barbecue chicken over mac and cheese is making me hungry. Though Aroma’s has made our lives easier by opening a satellite location in Swem Library, I still enjoy strolling to the original CW location to listen to open mic nights on Thursdays.
  3. Williamsburg seems like the breakfast capital of the world, with more pancake houses and diners than I’ve ever seen, but Five Forks Cafe is by far my favorite. It describes itself as a “traditional American diner” and that’s exactly what it is, with everything from corn cakes to breakfast sandwiches. If you or one of your friends has a car, it’s totally worth the short ride from campus.

Which are your favorite spots in Williamsburg?

– Cassidy Fazio

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