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William & Mary felt like home to me long before I transferred, but there was an aspect that was missing for me. I was home, but without a family. I had friends, and people I would study with. I was lacking a sense of community. I spent my first year trying to figure out my place. As I reflect I think I felt labeled as a transfer, or an outsider. When I think back to it I was a fool for thinking this way. As my time at William & Mary continued I spent more time with a friend who is in a sorority. She opened my eyes to the potential of Greek life. The close-knit community that surrounded her and welcomed her made me reconsider my harsh judgements of Greek life. So in the beginning of my first semester of senior year, I went through recruitment with the new sorority on campus, Phi Mu. I found my people.

Phi Mu

Going Greek added so much more to my experience at William & Mary than I thought possible. Having this mindset that being a transfer made me an outsider instead of making me unique held me back. From my experience no one has ever treated me less because I am a transfer student, instead I am encouraged for having a different perspective on things. The environment I am surrounded by in my sorority has only made me more confident with myself.

So this week my sorority is doing informal recruitment. This means that I have the opportunity to meet so many amazing women. I like to think that these women are looking for their family just as I was. Transferring to William & Mary was an easy thing for me to decide to do. I left the community college happily, but it was my choices and mindset after transferring that made my time at the school so great. I tried to keep a positive attitude and try something new. What I ended up finding was some of my best times at William & Mary through my sorority.

-Rebecca Hill ’17

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